Happy 4th


Dear Families, Friends and Community Members,

Happy 4th of July!  I am currently visiting family in South Carolina and enduring the high, hot and humid weather.

The 4th is always a time to share with family and friends and create memories around the grill, pool or picnic.  Regardless of what you are doing or where you are – enjoy your family and friends!  Laugh, play games, tell jokes and stay hydrated.

Work on some estimation/math this holiday with your kids.  How far will the rocket travel?  How long will the sparkler burn?

Soon we’ll be watching fireworks light up the sky in honor of our nation’s birthday, but our four-legged friends may not be enjoying the show as much as we do.  The loud noises that accompany the 4th of July celebrations can send a normally well-behaved pet into a frenzy and may cause it to run away from home.  Did you know dogs are most likely to run away on the 4th of July?  Keep your pets safe!

I wish you a safe, fun and exciting 4th of July!

#wearecapitalprep #4thofJuly #bridgeport #charterschools #math4life

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