Happy Grandparent’s Day!


Today is a day to celebrate our grandparent’s!

I am blessed to have my Mama still around and spunky at 94 years old.  The life, experiences, and memories she holds are pretty incredible.  I love when she tells me stories of the past.  She loves to tell the one about my grandfather in service in Nevada and he had asked her to come to visit because he had a pillow filled with cash.  Mama took the trip out west to discover he was completely broke…not even a penny!  LOL!

Mama instilled in me a love of writing notes and letters.  She wrote me weekly in college and I have continued a tradition of writing notes to family, friends, and colleagues.

Grandparents are simply awesome and enrich our lives greatly.

MamaMama & I – July 2018, South Carolina

What are some of your fondest memories of your grandparents?   Share a story & picture.

I wish all our grandparents a Happy & Healthy Grandparent’s Day!



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