Quint 4 Awards

The Harbor Lower School scholars listed below have earned the following academic recognition for Quint 4.

Dean Award

All scholars who have earned this award demonstrated proficiency (score of 3) in every subject during a Quint.  This is the greatest academic achievement at the Capital Preparatory Harbor Lower School.

Quint 4:

Amaya Doyle (grade 3), Thalia Lyles (grade 1), Jordan Roberts (grade 3),

Destiny Siberon (grade 1)

Academic Achievement Award

All scholars who have earned this award demonstrated proficiency (score of 3) in all but one subject during a Quint, while still approaching proficiency in that one subject (score of 2).

Quint 4:

Peter Candito (grade 2), Ajani Cauthen (grade 1), Azaryah Davis (grade 1), Marcus Demosthene (grade 4), Kaylyn Foster (grade 2), Victoria Morris (grade 3), Carl Myers (grade 2), Alisson Ramirez Benavidez (grade 6), April Reyes-Villegas (grade 6), Sashawna Sawyers (grade 2), Zahri South (grade 1), Riley Thompson (grade 1)

Kindergarten Growth Award

This award was earned by kindergarten scholars who demonstrated outstanding academic growth as identified by performances on benchmark assessments.

Kindergarten Mathematics:

Quentrell Bruce, Tristan Rose-Bryan, Annely Gonzalez, Chance Hardison, Zidane McKenzie, Chanely Arias Mendoza, Deborah Ortiz, Inez Wilson

Kindergarten English:  

London Angione, Sir Carter, Jeremiah Coram, Janializ Gonzalez, Mariska Knight, Mickoy Lindsay, Shawayne Lynch, Iyana Oden

Congratulations to all our academic all-stars!


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Principal of Capital Prep Harbor Lower School, grades K-6 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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