Who’s Got Talent???


Dear Parents and Scholars:

Our annual talent show will be held on Monday, June 15th at 10:00.  The talent show is open to any Harbor Lower School scholar and family.  Scholars are welcome to perform alone, with a friend, their family, or with a group of friends.  Scholars are welcome to do an act with someone not in their class or grade.  Talents can be anything from singing, dancing, playing an instrument, family parody, magic tricks, juggling, karate, stand-up comedy, or anything else.

Submitting your talent show act:

  1. The timing should be 3 minutes or less.
  2. School appropriate.
  3. Record your talent act using your phone or computer by Tuesday, June 9th.
  4. Email your video to amy.dewberry@capitalprepharbor.org – if the video is too large you may upload it to your google drive and share the link by Tuesday, June 9th.

Good Luck!


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Principal of Capital Prep Harbor Lower School, grades K-6 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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