What Floats Your Boat?!

From sailboats to battleships, a Marine Engineer helps to design, develop, and improve any vessel that goes into the water. This week in Enrichment, we learned about all the responsibilities of a Marine Engineer and followed the Steps for Stem Success to guide us in our Float A Boat Challenge! During our trip to the CPrep Sea, scholars tested what materials would sink or float before we designed our very own boat out of recycled materials!

To learn more, we explored how pieces of aluminum foil could be shaped to keep our treasure from sinking. We used the engineering design process to help us imagine, build, and test our boats to discover what shape floats best. We discovered that materials and shapes matter when it comes to building a boat! 

We have also been going on engineering adventures with Cat in the Hat from the PBS KIDS program The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! Our adventure began when we hopped into the Thingama-jigger to visit the amazing Floating Island. We then needed to think like problem solvers and engineers to move our classroom treasure across the water! We were up for the challenge and we were SUCCESSFUL and solved the problem! 


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Principal of Capital Prep Harbor Lower School, grades K-6 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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